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Quick News - 10
HeathenMan on 23.11.2013 um 00:42 (UTC)
 Guns and Glory LTQ is live! Log in to see the new event as well as 350 gold for you, our loyal player base.
Comment posted by GuestNeuri, 15.12.2017 um 02:31 (UTC):
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Late Announcement - 10 :: Bulletproof LTQ Rewarding
HeathenMan on 23.11.2013 um 00:41 (UTC)

As most of you know, we experienced some technical difficulties with today's Financial District Fallout event. We all worked hard to identify and fix the issues as soon as possible. We apologize for the trouble and frustration it caused players.


Late Announcement - 09 :: Battle for Empire City: Financial District Fallout
HeathenMan on 23.11.2013 um 00:35 (UTC)


Late Announcement - 08 :: Deadly Deals Lockbox
HeathenMan on 12.11.2013 um 23:09 (UTC)
New lockbox event is out - here are all the prizes you can get:


Late Announcement - 07 :: Tricks and Treats LTQ
HeathenMan on 08.11.2013 um 22:31 (UTC)

Here are all the rewards and whatnot from the current LTQ:


Quick News - 09
HeathenMan on 06.11.2013 um 05:19 (UTC)
 "We're currently brainstorming some new NPC names as well as names for non player syndicate type groups. If you come up with something cool, we'll put it in the game! Here's your chance to make your mark on CC!

P.S. Names are usually 1 - 2 words long, so don't go too crazy or it'll never fit."

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