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Quick News - 04
HeathenMan on 02.10.2013 um 04:47 (UTC)
 Hama's Sideshow is in full effect. Who is going to win the war elephant?


Quick News - 03
HeathenMan on 26.09.2013 um 21:33 (UTC)
 How many Carnival Crates can you collect?


Quick News - 02
HeathenMan on 25.09.2013 um 01:07 (UTC)
 Only one day left to complete the goals in the Most Wanted LTQ. How far are you?

Announcement - 01 :: Covert Cells PvP Event!
HeathenMan on 21.09.2013 um 01:18 (UTC)
Whooooooo a new weekend PvP event! Attack a lot of people to get this stuff:


Quick News - 01
HeathenMan on 21.09.2013 um 01:08 (UTC)
 Most Wanted LTQ is live! Go complete jobs to receive powerful items!

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