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Quick News - 08
HeathenMan on 06.11.2013 um 05:18 (UTC)
 Tricks and Treats LTQ! Who is going to get that sweet sweet Electric Shake?

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Player News - 01 :: Game Maintenance
HeathenMan on 03.11.2013 um 10:55 (UTC)
 "The game is down for maintenance. We'll be back shortly after 3:00 AM Pacific Time!"

Announcement - 02 :: Crime City's 1st Raid Boss!
HeathenMan on 31.10.2013 um 22:13 (UTC)
We're about to start our newest event, the Raid Boss. Raid bosses work similar to epic bosses, except in this case all of your syndicate is involved. Raid bosses can be summoned using the illegal automatics which have been dropping for the past few months. These items need to be donated first to your syndicate. Once donated your leader can use them to summon the boss.


Late Announcement - 06 :: Treat Bag Winners!
HeathenMan on 29.10.2013 um 22:54 (UTC)
here are the winners for the last leaderboard event. Congrats to everyone! The cutoff was 25 Bad Candies, and there are 273 winners.

tam 381
FwD L31F 3R1C55ON 169
h 136
Betty 135
luke 133


Late Announcement - 05 :: Battle for Empire City : Graveyard Rampage!
HeathenMan on 29.10.2013 um 22:52 (UTC)
It's time for the spookiest battle yet! Here are the cool prizes you can win:


Quick News - 07
HeathenMan on 23.10.2013 um 18:35 (UTC)
 Treat Bag leaderboard event is live! Collect treat bags in search of bad candies!


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